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Music 4 the soul

Da New Hood is here! Where we talk about everything under the sun concerning the well being of the community in a positive musical way. Whether Spoken Word, Poetry, Rap, or any talent to express yourself in a creative light.


Video Editing/Motion Graphics/Engineering 

Turn your script into a short film by working with us!




Concept Art


From pencil to digital works try out our publishing department to get the results you need.



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What our clients say

Love the Artwork and I had a great time at the gallery.


Jeff Jackson Executive Chef

I’ve been teaching for years and I never came across anything like it. Great art instructor, great artwork.



Matt Billups IPS Social Studies Teacher

The images are very powerful, it left me stuck for words. I loved how the artist broke down the meaning to the pictures, and his short film was amazing!


Pamela Mills Realestate

Concept Art/ Film/ Music/ Community

Concept Art

Our concept art goes the distance when it comes to making an impact. We pride ourselves on detail and perfect execution. Starting with the client's idea, then creating a world fit for the vision. The process is easy! Professional illustrations, inking and color rendering is the goal. With over 10 years experience in comics, graphic novels and children books. Bring your story to life by contacting us for your next project.


Our team has a lot to offer with works created in short films, Documentaries, and other great media content. As an artist/director our team brings a very distinct vision to any project. From pre-production to post-production, we carry a sense of pride in our work. Having fun is our ultimate goal and this production team has it all.


Father Mix Tape is a three-song mixtape dedicated to the fatherless & hard-working fathers across the board. Escape with Demetrius as he goes through three important key elements in Da New Hood. Feat. Bishop, Tom Ray, & Micah Henning. Mixtape music by NF, & Nipsey Hussle.