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Demetrius Morgan (born November 13, 1980) is a self-taught director, screenwriter, visual artist, and animator. Known for his symbolic artwork, he has created a surreal style that captivates his audiences. His work is considered to be thought provoking and spiritual.

Directing and editing his own work (and others) have brought him into the foreground of production media and it appears his getting stronger and more precise with every project. From children books to animation and more. It's a good thing that we have someone thinking entirely outside the box with meaningful content and a fresh approach to media entertainment.

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Artist Statement

Inspired by the Word of Jesus, my approach before any project is R&D. I love dissecting and reading in-between the lines of images and sentences. During the process of research, I find there are unlimited resources for just about every topic. I incorporate subject matter like religion and politics because it's a driving force within communicating a particular doctrine.

The colors I utilize suggest mood, contrast, or a symbolic representation of thought. I find that color theory lies in one's perception and is not as technical as people make it seems. The observation of nature is also keen on the palettes I choose when taking a look at the atmosphere around me.

Comic books have always been a big influence in my life and I guess that's where my style of art comes from. Movies, animation, comic books, and fine art have always had a place in my heart and I express it through my works. If I've struck a nerve or even if I have inspired someone to appreciate the beauty of life, love, and God then I'm completely satisfied.