Da Bridge Effect

Da Bridge Effect was founded by Demetrius Morgan in 2011. Originally started as an art program in Indianapolis. The goal was to help at risk students control their emotions through visual arts.  Demetrius started drawing his collection of artworks ''The Book Of Emotions'' that lead him to sign another contract with I.P.S. in 2012. Teaching giving kids an artistic outlet to express themselves made him realize how important it his task was.  Upon his third year of teaching, he elevated his craft from an arts program to a full functioning production studio. His passion for the community pushed him to an even reach a larger audience by incorporating short films and documentaries. ''This is just the beginning,'' he says and would love to reach out to like minded individuals.

Demetrius Morgan Art-Works work is because he applies spiritual principles to his work, yet this is not new to the art world. He also lays everything out on the table. Every image holds a deep meaning and layers of themes that compliment the work. D.S.I.'s or (D.igital S.ymbolic I.mages)  also allows the viewer to contemplate on personal critiques about themselves. It challenges their inner thoughts, but at the same time encourages them to reach out to others. Da Bridge Effect artworks, short films, and documentaries will leave a lasting impression.

Through P.D.F's (P.oetic D.igital F.ilm's) like Rejection of Acceptance has a way to inform the people of how precious life can be. Documentaries like The Argument Ova Art highlighting the extraordinary gift of an artist thinking outside the box. Music videos where people can express themselves and their talents in a positive way Da Bridge Effect Poetry Slam & My People, My People Da Bridge Effect  Make no mistake, we are here to see a change by being apart of the change.