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It's 2017 and I could admit that we as a nation are going through a transitional period. Women are being overly sexualised, men are incarcerated at an alarming rate, and children are imitating adult like behavior, and it's all being exploited on T.V. It's time to stand up against the perversion, and the lawlessness of people who would love nothing more but to see the down fall of our youth. Here's where Demetri Da Vinci draws the line, literally. We take pride in the material we put out there. So there are no worries about subliminal messages or inappropriate content for children. 

The Workers

Meet The Crew

We consider this to be our Father's business, and Demetri da Vinci is just that. We are willing vessels for the Lord, and we come with separate unique gifts of our own to highlight The Kingdom Of Heaven.

This operation focus on comics, animation, graphic novels and children books. We love movies, we love animation, heck...we love you! Demetri Da Vinci is the place to be because it's ''Toonz You Can Trust.''

Demetrius Morgan gives an inside look at whats ahead for this fresh company and would love for you to take a sneak peek at the latest line up of Super Heroes, Animation from Demetri Da Vinci. 

First off is the introduction of a new comic book called ''2067'' where heroes collide with adversaries in an effort to sustain civilization as we know it. COMING SOON!

Next is our webcomic '' Chuck 'n'' Buk A great story about two elderly men trying to understand the changing world around them.

And last but not least ''Ethers Love'' our first short 2d animated film Ether's love is short 2D-animation film about a courageous young bird who is very protective of the ones he loves. Ether (Xavier Morgan) and his two best friends Qualita (Paris Morgan) and P.G. (Corinthian Morgan) are enjoying the last bits of the fall with a warm, and loving bird watcher called Grandma Grace (Shenise Morgan). Just before the long journey of flying south for the winter, Ether is confronted with two options, and from that decision will break up the trio's friendship forever. Co - starring Elijah Pearson, Bishop Morgan, Desenae Pearson and Demetrius Morgan.- in this 'meaningful and emotional'' adventure. 

The Process

Want to know what's the process like?

Quadruple Threat