Father Mix-Tape

About 98% of hip hop music nowadays played on-air or the internet is derogatory, demeaning, and in some cases blasphemous. Dope boys and gang lifestyles are being glorified as heroes in the black community. Just about every rapper dedicates a song to their mother, praising women and acknowledging them for playing the role of mom/pops. Materialism rules and if you're not talking about money then you are not important enough. Subsequently, a generation of men will grow up thinking what is good is bad and what is bad is good. As a result, Da Illa-Strator found a calling to adhere too, hence the Father MixTape.

There is a notion as well that people outside of the black race are intimidated by blacks (which is so far from the truth) but the misleading factor is having the black community accepting this as ''power.'' Also, the combination of 400 years of slavery has been etched into our minds as children, leaving some with the sense of expecting compensation for their ancestor's hard work. Yet and still, it's about moving forward and not staying in the past, it's about setting goals and finding ways to achieve those goals w/o lying, stealing, or cheating. Hope is what we need, hope is what we share and hope is what will get us through.

Da Illa-Strator's passion for drawing and writing music stems from the environment where he was raised. (Gary, IN.) His artworks of illustrations and lyrical punctions form a similar bond to get his point across in an artistic visual yet spiritual way. His new project ''Father Mixtape'' is focused on the black community as a whole and shares the importance of not compromising to the world as followers of Jesus Christ. In a world where freedom of speech is being infiltrated, he continues the message with no fear.




Entrepreneurship is shining a light on some pretty dark places. Gang mentality, NAACP like Corporations, Civil Rights, and Black on Black crime just to highlight a couple of categories. Da Illa-Strator attacks these issues head-on that has been plaguing the community for eons.

His first video from the Father MixTape titled Entrepreneurship from Nipsey Hussle's Victory Lap, he explains the game as a tactician- leading by example and creating diverse opportunities at the same time. Talking about these issues amongst men is never easy especially when children are involved. Raising our kids to be better than us should always be the main key in creating a loving well-respected relationship between fathers and sons.

Featuring Micah Henning and Tom Ray in a powerful, insightful interview on how to start a business makes this song memorable, fun, and educational to listen to.






Da Illa-Strator has a one on one conversation with his Dad in this powerful take on NF's Why Would You Leave Us. Douglas Eugen Morgan sadly passed in 1996 of Silicosis of the lungs from blasting trains at G.A.T.X. a facility in East Chicago. Leaving behind his wife and four children. Da Illa-Strator doesn't hold anything back in this conversation on how he felt during the loss of one of the biggest figures in his life.

''I was only thirteen with big dreams of becoming an artist.

You were apart of it, motivating me through all the hardship.

Now I gotta face the world with the culture on my shoulder.

But you raised a Souljah, courage to emerge on the verge like Moses.

I just need to know this, what should I do when I'm down and feeling hopeless?

I'm a man of God how could I lose my focus?

Straight from the heart, he dedicated this song not only to his earthly father but to all Dads who believe in building and rasing a strong family structure. Encouraging those on that journey into fatherhood and embracing them with kingship, honor, and dignity. However, fatherhood is not for the weak at heart. It takes courage, integrity, and a man willing to sacrifice all for others to succeed. Sounds like something you're interested in? If not, keep your jimmy in your pants. Seriously, fathers inquire leaders who have a vision and will endure fighting after the fight just to see the vision through. Giving up is not an option. The responsibility goes way beyond claiming a child, it extends into mentorship, discipline, and mercy.

No Retreat No Surrender

Original Track

The Kingdom of God is at hand Mark 1;15. (KJV) No Retreat No Surrender is an original piece of art featuring Bishop. Bishop adds a young perspective to the song and brings a creative vibe to the beat. Instrumental by Jacob Lethal from jacoblethal.beatstars.com.  Standouts from what you may hear on the radio yet it serves its purpose and place in the current times we are living in. Mixed with a Lil bit of the 300 Sparta Spirit, and convincingly a song about the strength of God's people. Thanks to David Custard's engineering skills advice, makes No retreat No Surrender definitely a song in its own class.


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