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Ether’s love is a short 2D-animation film about a courageous young bird who is very protective of the ones he loves. Ether (Xavier Morgan) and his two best friends Qualita (Paris Morgan) and P.G. (Corinthian Morgan) are enjoying the last bits of the fall with a warm, and loving bird watcher called Grandma Grace (Shenise Morgan). Just before the long journey of flying south for the winter, Ether is confronted with two options, and from that decision will break up the trio’s friendship forever. Starring Bishop Morgan, Elijah Pearson, Desenae Pearson and Demetrius Morgan.- in this ‘meaningful and emotional” adventure.

It was an awesome experience to work with such talented people. I was overwhelmed by how fun it was to see everyone get out of character. Lol., Hilarious.

Follow the link below to watch the short film.

Our next animation is in the making, and I don’t want to give away any surprise or leaks just yet.