Rejection Of Acceptance (2019) Remastered

Starring Paris Morgan, Bishop Morgan, Corinthian Morgan, Xavier Morgan, and Rob Dz.

Rejection of Acceptance remastered is dropping this Valentine's Day 2/14/2019. Just in time for the launch of our first book under Da Bridge Effect ''The Book of Emotions V.1.'' Rejection of Acceptance is a mystery/psychological short film written by Paris Morgan, who stars as a young woman who is ashamed and trapped by her own sins. She encounters hardship, paranoid disorder, and rejection on a biblical scale that will ultimately test her faith. The setting transitions from Mesopotamian times to post-apocalyptic, giving the film it's sinister feel and visionary look. Inter-woven with sound poetry that makes this a one of a kind film. A young woman tries to understand her faults and how to defeat her inner demons before they defeat her.

Rejection of Acceptance Blood Moon Trailer 3.0

The young woman in the image portrays three different yet unique women in the bible. None of which have any name but from their actions, people would come to love and admire their strength, courage, and obedience. The woman who washed Jesus feet with her tears, and ointments and dried it with her hair. (Luke 7:38) The Samaritan woman at the well who Jesus told He could give her ''living water.'' (John 4:1-40) The woman who was about to be stoned for adultery. (John 7:53- 8:11)

Rejection of Acceptance is the first original short film from Da Bridge Effect LLC. With plans for making a short film every volume, of each book, created. Filming began on March 20, 2016, and quickly wrapped on June 28, of 2016. The short film was also highly acclaimed for its work at art galleries where people sat in to watch and enjoy the film while looking at artworks from the Book of Emotions.

Rejection itself

The moment that we feel we are on top of the world it can come crashing down. The emotion rejection is like a two-edge sword, it can be a sign that the Lord has something better waiting for you, or it can mean a chastisement, an obstacle that you can't jump unless you learn what the Lord is asking of you to change to progress to the next level. Rejection can lead to a lot of things as long as you know how to lean on Jesus with all of your problems, you come to realize you are not alone. Yes, this short film was made with a woman in mind, however, men as well can feel the ill effect of this dominant emotion.


The Book Of Emotions V.1 4/24/2019 Easter Day

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