The Book Of Emotions v.1 E-Book

What is the E-Book about?

The Book of Emotions is a collection of artworks dedicated to human emotions and a comprehensive study guide on understanding your emotions. Starting with D.S.I's (digital symbolic images) images strategically done to evoke an emotional response from the viewer. As the viewer looks deeper into the painting, they can envision themselves as the characters in the scene. Prompting them to do a little bit of problem-solving.  This book will enhance your understanding of human emotions through visual, audible, and kinesthetic training. Biblical references from the KJV bible that will help strengthen your relationship and walk with God. Then finally, bring it home for the learner to appreciate how beautifully and wonderfully we were all made in God's image.

Shanise Morgan's ''Where I'm From'' Poetry

Woman of God v.1

The  Book of Emotions's Woman of God v.1 is all about women topics. Dive into the heart of what matters to women in today 2019. With issues stemming from abortions, sexual abuse, bullying, and so much more. Shanise Morgan (Mother of six) will help guide young women into what the bible pacifically says about that topic. This Ebook is for any young lady wanting to know how to control their emotions in any state of mind. Emotions are the very thing that defines us as a human being and is distinctive of all living creatures on earth. This gives us a wonderful advantage to rise above oppression, abuse, and also vanity. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and The Book Of Emotions Woman of God v.1 will definitely give young women the encouragement they need to capture the beauty inside themselves.

R.A.P. Program at Coleman Alternative Education

Reflection Of Artistic Personalities...

Da Bridge Effect is in the field of teaching. Whether through art, music, or film, we pride ourselves on educating the public with profound information about life. Our E-Books are tailored towards Sunday schools, learning institutions, program facilities, & family home devotions. Our visual art lesson plans were methodically put together with safety in mind so that everyone can enjoy it. The purpose of the e-books is to bring awareness to particular issues that affect us as a people. Henceforth our mission statement is to equip the people who are affected by sin, with spiritual knowledge to combat the enemy.

Out with the old & in with the new

Revised Artworks

All D.S.I's has been updated. Every image was modified to increase it's potential in educating the topic. Over the past seven years of developing the book, Shanise and Demetrius Morgan worked diligently to bring accurate information and great works of art. This comic book style influence is uniquely attached to simplify the world around us. The artwork inside strategically uses the principle and element of design to get multiple points across. To your left, Bully vs Meekness D.S.I. (new version vs. the old) has a lot more control. We believe quality over quantity is the key to making an everlasting impression.


How does faith intertwine with The Book Of Emotions? Well, It's one of the main ingredients in following this ebook. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1, KJV)  God has a plan for you, and in that plan, he decides to bless us even when we don't deserve it. For example, by analyzing your current situation, you can see that thing aren't going your way. However, having hope will give you a vertical relationship with the Lord because you depend on Him. No matter what stage you are in emotionally, you can conquer it just by believing. The Book of Emotions ebook Woman of God will give you the right tools in order to win, and win big!

Concept Deconstruction

What is concept deconstruction? As you look at the symbolism within the image, it is your mind's job to figure out how it fits into the concept. This is called concept deconstruction. The left brain is taking over and making sense out of the whole picture. With pre-knowledge of the Bible, you can decipher how to articulate the artists motive. This way of learning is revolutionary and enjoyable because it challenges your intellects. Furthermore, you can apply this process of thinking to just about anything. That's the beauty of it! A picture says a thousand words and with concept deconstruction, we can break each element down to get a greater understanding.

You can purchase the ebook in its entirety or you can purchase the digital images separately. Canvas wrapped, and (but not limited too) Matte print of any D.S.I. that can fit comfortably in any space! It's a great conversational piece. You will also have access to The Book of Emotions blogs, updated every month. Documentaries, short films, and much more all dedicated to human emotions. Man of God v.2 will be coming soon so sign up to our mailing list or subscribe to one of our social site below to get the latest from Da Bridge Effect LLC. 

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