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Demetrius Morgan grew up in Gary, Indiana between the 1980's to early 2000 where the crime was at an all time high. However, he didn't become another statistic by continuing living a careless path. Instead, he focused on God, family, and art. 


Excerpt from ''The Chronicles Of Jackgun'' published 2009

Illustrator: Demetrius Morgan / Colorist: Malichi Moore / Author: John Hunt


It's 2009 and Demetrius published his first graphic novel The Chronicles Of Jackgun.


It's 2011 and what the enemy meant for bad God has turned around for good.


It's 2014 and God has supplied Demetrius with an arsenal at his disposal.

The Art Of The Testimony

The Testimony is a short documentary about faith, family, and hardship. The director takes you on a spiritual journey through his life experience and what it takes to be a self-taught entrepreneur. 


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Excerpts From The Chronicles Of Jackgun

Rejection of Acceptance